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Oud & Patchouli


Top Note: Saffron, Rose

Middle Note: Jasmine

Base Note: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Patchouli


  • 100% soy wax scented candle using a blend of premium fragrance oil,  patchouli essential oil and frankincense essential oil
  • 220g net weight - STANDARD candle. Approx 40 hours burn time
  • 70g net weight - MINI votive. Approx 18 hours burn time 
  • Please Note: Wooden lids are NOT included, but can be added as 'an extra'!


A Note from No.14:  


For candle-lovers who like a bolder and more dramatic scent; we adore the combination of rich and woody oud partnered with sweet and earthy patchouli. Subtle frankincense adds an elegant base note to heal the mind and calm the soul. 


We channelled our inner-Seventies child when creating this fabulous fragrance.  Born in this decade, it is always a source of inspiration and nostalgia. 


Inspired by Indian adventures, vintage paisley prints and bold wallpaper colours and patterns; this decadent scent envelops the senses and transports you to another place and time. A sensory experience that brings these magical travels back to The Wick.


Giving as a gift to someone?

We suggest this fragrance for the following life events or occasions;

Thank You, New Home, Welcome Home, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You...


Put a lid on it?

Oak veneer wooden lid;

+£2.50 per item to fit 220g (standard) candle jars

+£1.50 per item to fit 70g (mini) candle jars

Oud & Patchouli

Jar Colour: Black
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