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Hampton Wick or 'The Wick', as it's known to locals, is located between Kingston upon Thames and Richmond upon Thames in this leafy corner of south-west London. Surrounded by Royal parks, historic palaces and the meandering river.

In the Spring of 2020, a lost creative was looking for a great escape.

My journey began with learning the craft of candle-making and soon evolved into sending candles to friends, family and loved ones; a simple 'hello', a grateful 'thank you' or a heart-felt 'thinking of you'.

No.14 The Wick has been our home for over 20 years and now produces lovingly made scented candles for everyone to enjoy and share. All are hand-poured and packaged from our little garden studio in the heart of Hampton Wick.

It turns out the 'lost creative' didn't need to travel far;

the answer was right under her nose.


Oli x

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