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The Perfect Match


  • contains x80 safety matches in a glass bottle with an aluminium screw- top lid
  • match length 98mm
  • available with a WHITE or BLACK match-head
  • striker paper on base of bottle
  • Bottle dimension; 145mm high x 55 wide (at base)
  • WARNING! Please use matches with caution. Strike away from the body and keep out of reach of children.


Now it's even easier to 'Love & Light' No.14 The Wick candles! Introducing our stylish match bottles; these long safety matches are stored in an airtight container while sitting pretty on your shelf or side table. The match/bottle combinations have been created to complement their candle counterparts -  hence the name, The Perfect Match!


BLACK match heads/bottle design for the following candles;

- Cedarwood & Iris

- Lemongrass & Amber

- Oud & Patchouli

- Pink Grapefruit  & Sandalwood 


WHITE match heads/bottle design for the following candles;

- French Lavender & Chamomile

- Green Tea & Jasmine


Simply select the match head colour/bottle design to sit with your accompanying candle or 'mix and match' (pun intended...)

The Perfect Match

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